"rtime-rec" is simple time recorder.

"Start time" and "End time" are preserved in the Google calendar.

With Locale and the Google Calendar Plug-in.

list input


Please download it from Android Market.

System Requirements


List view

"Start time" and "End time" will be displayed in every 1 month.

Google calendar synchronization

"Start time" and "End time" are preserved in the Google calendar. Therefore, data can be shared from two or more Android. It changes from "Setting" at input intervals.


Today's "Start time" and "End time" are displayed in AppWidget. The input screen is displayed when clicking.

Locale synchronization

It corresponds to Locale. It synchronizes with Locale and "Start time" or "End time" is input automatically.

Release Note

2011-12-22 v1.3.0

2011-12-22 v1.2.5

2011-06-24 v1.2.4

2011-03-21 v1.2.3

2010-09-21 v1.2.2

2010-09-21 v1.2.1

2010-08-14 v1.2.0

2010-07-25 v1.1.4

2010-05-15 v1.1.3

2010-02-13 v1.1.2

2010-01-28 v1.1.1

2010-01-27 v1.1.0

2010-01-09 v1.0.2

2009-12-13 v1.0.1

2009-12-13 v1.0.0

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